Our services cover the full spectrum of automated and manual technologies, including geotechnical, structural and environmental sensors and automated topography monitoring solutions.

Whether small local contracts or very extensive monitoring projects using thousands of connected sensors generating real-time data, we guarantee that the measurements we generate using our high-quality instrumentation and inspection services are accurate and immediately usable.

We have an ongoing policy of introducing and integrating the most effective tech innovations, and work continually on ensuring and maximising the reliability of our services and all our measurements.


Our service in 5 key stages


Design of monitoring systems that address the specific challenges, requirements and constraints of each project


Selection and supply of the most appropriate instrumentation for meeting the project requirements based on extensive feedback from previous projects and our long-term supplier partnerships


Installation, configuration and commissioning of the monitoring system by our highly qualified teams whose members come from a broad range of professional backgrounds


Monitoring and maintenance of the system by our dedicated teams, the majority of this maintenance is provided remotely, with site visits as and when necessary


Real-time data processing and visualisation via our geoinformatics web platform, which integrates data feeds from all types of sensor

Why you should use our services


  • Ours is a Peace of Mind service
    Thanks to the reliability of our measurements and the commitment of our teams
  • Our 25+ years of experience
    A richly diverse body of experience gained from thousands of projects worldwide
  • The ability to design precisely the right monitoring system for every project
    We implement a bespoke monitoring system designed specifically for the project site, its challenges and available budget
  • Highly qualified teams
    Teams of qualified and experienced professionals who receive regular in-service training and project feedback
  • Safe working
    Regardless of project, safety is always our priority
  • Excellence in Client Care
    Accessible and attentive teams trained to deliver a high quality of service to our clients on demand