4DVib uses interferometric radar technology to provide high-frequency remote measurement of structural displacement to generate:

  • High-frequency structural displacement measurements
  • Vibration measurements
  • Natural frequency data

Displacement measurements using 4DVib

The 4DVib unit is set up facing the structure to be inspected.

The 4DVib unit measures the distance between itself and the inspected structure at very high frequency.

Multiple points of the structure are monitored simultaneously and differentiated automatically based on their distance to the 4DVib unit. Measurements are therefore made without the need to access the structure, and can be made with or without dynamic stress.

Under optimum conditions, measurements are accurate to between 2 and 3 microns. High-frequency movement measurements make it easy to calculate displacement velocities (vibration in the same way as a geophone), and the natural frequency modes of the structure.

4DVib and its applications

  • Structural behaviour characterisation
  • Structural fitness for service verification
  • Comfort measurements
  • Structure acceptance measurements
  • Earthquake resistance characterisation
  • Cable / Stay tension measurement

Principle of operation

How interferometric radar works:

The radar unit emits frequency-modulated electromagnetic waves that enable target points to be differentiated on the basis of their distance from the device (1 point every 75 cm).

Differential interferometric analysis of the return signals calculates distance variations with a field accuracy of around 0.02 mm.

SIXENSE 4DVib Auscultation des structures à distance

The 4DVib solution gives you:

  • Our engineering expertise in data analysis and interpretation
  • The ability to run simulations
  • The option to implement complementary monitoring and diagnostic solutions
  • The option to implement turnkey ‘high surveillance’ solutions

Multiple points on the structure can be measured remotely with no need for access to the structure.

Download the 4DVib solution datasheet