Diverse issues and needs throughout the life cycle of your networks

Railways in the design and construction phase must have knowledge of the risks associated with the land, the environment and the infrastructure to guarantee the level of safety necessary for the work and future operation. As for the worksites themselves, they must meet ever-increasing productivity requirements.

Furthermore, throughout the operation of railway infrastructures, it is necessary to guarantee the best level of service. Optimisation of maintenance and the climatic resilience of the infrastructure are therefore fundamental factors.

Knowledge of the assets is also essential for optimising maintenance.


We provide you with solutions and support services during the life cycle of your assets

  • Support you in the digitalisation of your infrastructures and processes
  • Offer you decision-making and reporting support tools
  • Provide you with predictive maintenance tools and advise you on maintenance strategy
  • Qualify the risks associated with your projects via specialist engineering and structural, geotechnical and environmental monitoring
  • Help you to know the levels of climate vulnerability and to operate the resilience of your infrastructures
  • Produce and make available to you the numerical twins and simulations of external stresses as well as the modelling of your infrastructures.