Nora uses artificial intelligence to determine whether or not particular sounds originate from your site. This solution allows you to identify the excessive noise levels caused by the site activities, as opposed to those originating from the surrounding area.


Nora offers optimal control of noise pollution thanks to the precise detection of disruptive events.



The benefits of Nora for your worksites:

Nora can be easily integrated into existing noise monitoring systems without significant modification.

Combined with the Geoscope platform, your acoustic monitoring becomes a valuable decision-making tool, allowing you to:

  • Reduce the risk of complaints, penalties and site stoppages,
  • Present a strong Noise Management plan when negotiating worksite exemptions with the appropriate authorities (night works, extended hours, weekend shifts, extension of project durations, etc.)
  • Communicate with a greater transparency and accuracy to all stakeholders.

The benefits of Nora for wind farms and industries:

Nora is installed like a simple sound level meter, however, it allows you to do much more than just regulatory control.

Nora detects specific acoustic phenomena that that may be disruptive for local residents (squeaking, whistling, shocks, degassing, etc.).

Combined with the Geoscope platform, your acoustic monitoring becomes a valuable decision-making and communication tool allowing you to:

  • Identify the origin of complaints,
  • Optimise maintenance interventions,
  • Communicate with stakeholders (local residents, project owners, local authorities, etc.) using factual data.

The benefits of Nora for the rail industry:

Our R&D teams have adapted Nora to undertake regulatory acoustic measurements near railway tracks.

Thanks to machine learning technology, the identification of sound events related to train movements in the recorded datasets becomes automatic.

Get ahead of the curve with the automation of event-based indicators.
Quantify the improvement of rolling stock (replacement, improvement of braking systems).

Principle of operation

SIXENSE NOVIA Identifiez automatiquement les événements sonores imputables ou non à votre chantier

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The Nora solution gives you:


  • A clear indication of site compliance in real time,
  • A genuinely automated sound recognition system. You no longer have to investigate the origins of noise level exceedances, because Nora does it for you. It allows you to focus on specific exceedances, react quickly and identify where maintenance or interventions are required.
  • Information that is immediately beneficial to the site management team: “Is the excessive noise coming from the site activity or not?”
  • Greater transparency and accuracy in your communication with all stakeholders, from local residents to project owners and local authorities.