Kwu Tung Station, East Rail Line – MTRC Contracts 1633 and 1601 | Hong Kong SAR

Project summary

Service provided:  Instrumentation and Monitoring
Location:  Kwu Tung North
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Client:  Dragages Hong Kong Limited, Kum Shing (K.F.) Construction Company Limited
Period of the service:  December 2022 - ongoing
Duration of service:  est. 2.5 years
Sixense solutions used: 

Project Description

Kwu Tung Station is a new metro station on the existing MTR East Rail Line, Hong Kong, between Sheung Shui Station (SHS) and Lok Ma Chau Station (LMC). A cornerstone of the Kwu Tung North and Fanling Development Area, the station will link the future community to the Chinese border to the northwest, and to other local communities to the east.

Kwu Tung Station is also the first step in realising the Northern Link railway development plan, a new underground railway line envisaged to become a key transport infrastructure in the North and Northwest New Territories. A new railway line will be constructed between Kwu Tung and Kam Sheung Road Stations, linking the East Rail Line and the Tuen Ma Line and forming a loop in the development area.

Sixense is the appointed geotechnical monitoring specialist for the construction of Kwu Tung Station since 2022. We installed our first liquid level sensor array in the MTR tunnels in 2023, in addition to our Cyclops automated total stations, as well as an assortment of manually monitored instruments above ground.

Construction Upstairs

Kwu Tung Station is the first new station to be built on top of an operating railway tunnel in Hong Kong. Sixense is monitoring the East Rail Line underground tunnels in real-time since 2023 as a part of the railway protection scheme. We installed arrays of liquid sensors along 2 operating tunnels with a total array length of more than 400m. Three-way displacement sensors were placed at junction points between the tunnel tubes and the station box.

In addition to the automatic monitoring solutions, Sixense installed a range of manual instruments to further enhance the accuracy of the tunnel monitoring scheme. These instruments include track settlement points, strain gauges and tape extensometers.

The geotechnical monitoring on the ground level is equally important to our clients and ourselves. We have installed settlement markers, standpipes and piezometers and tilting markers for the overground construction site, as well as buildings around the site.

Project Key figures

253 Manual instruments
160 Liquid level sensors
4 Cyclops ADMS stations
16 Three-way displacement sensors