Inspection with DigitalSite for Manila International Container Terminal | Philippines

Project summary

Service provided:  Condition survey and digital management of restoration works
Location:  Manila, Philippines
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Client:  International Container, Terminals Services Inc, Freyssinet Philippines
Period of the service:  2019 - 2020
Duration of service:  1 year & 4 months
Sixense solutions used: 

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Restoration works were required at the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT) Berths 1-5.

The structure was generally in poor condition with significant degradation to the suspended reinforced concrete deck and piles.

The project was carried out in two main phases:

  • detailed inspection prior to works
  • design and execution of the repair works


Our services

Sixense carried out a visual inspection survey of the condition of the structure. The survey was carried out using our software DigtialSite, which was used to digitalise the works processes for all stages of the project, including the associated repair works.

Thousands of defects were individually recorded on-site onto the digital version of the structure by adding observations and photographs to DigitalSite via mobile app. Reports were then generated automatically, which were shared with stakeholders.

Following the inspection, our digital platform was used to monitor the progression of the repair works through an approval workflow, which involved the consultant and client.

Project Key figures

4000 defects recorded

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