Our photogrammetry services use helicopters, drones and our patented CamTree solution for confined environments.

Where required, we combine photogrammetry with LiDAR and/or scanner technologies.

Our solutions


  • Speed ​​of intervention
  • Low intervention cost
  • Alternative to topographic methods
  • Limits human intervention in a hostile environment
relevé par drone
Drone survey
Camtree dans les égouts
CamTree solution


  • Patented solution, designed for underground or confined spaces
  • Adaptable to many configurations
  • Ease and speed of acquisition
  • Immersive exploration in the reconstructed model

What sets us apart distinctively from competitors

  • A perfect mastery of the acquisition processes related to photogrammetry, acquired on several hundred sites
  • The ability to organize a transfer of skills in acquisition techniques to our clients’ field teams
  • Constant innovation giving us the ability to develop tailor-made solutions for your sites