Our team provides you with support and advice on Jet-Grouting operations:

  • For quick checking of column dimensions
  • To ensure that only those quantities of material strictly necessary are used
  • To optimise worksite costs and schedules


An exclusive solution developed by Sixense

The benefits of Cyljet

  • Significant optimisation of operational costs:
    Cyljet enables injection parameters to be calibrated to the highest-possible level of precision
  • A robust and proven method:
    Removes the need to excavate around columns to check the injection quality
  • A quick solution:
    Short implementation times and rapid availability of results (less than 48 hours after completion of measurements)

The principle of Cyljet

Cyljet enables in-situ dimensional checking of injection columns during construction.

The solution is based on the Electric Cylinder method, and provides 3D investigation around the full circumference of the column.

A multicore cable with evenly spaced electrodes is installed at the centre of the column to record and process the potential differences generated by the induced electric current to produce a 3D image of the injected column.

Cyljet can equally be used to validate a test plot, as well as provide continual checking of injection quality as work progresses.

Download the Cyljet solution datasheet