Nora: Automatic identification solution of acoustic events originating from your worksite

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Sixense has developed the Novia solution to answer one of the major questions on your worksites: “Is the excessive noise level caused by my on-site work or not?”. This solution, based on the machine learning technology, allows to identify whether or not a particular sound emanates from your construction noises or the surrounding urban activity.

Accessible via our Geoscope interface, Nora allows you to reduce the risks of complaints, site stoppages or even penalties. The Novia function can be activated at any time on all standard monitoring systems and automatically adapted at each phase of the construction.

This gives you a clear and transparent mean to justify a good noise management on your worksite to your clients and authorities.

If you are facing noise issues on your worksite in a sensitive urban environment, get in touch with our expert Karim Benaguid for more information.

Discover our solution in detail here.